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Why Online Therapy?

Online therapy gives moms the freedom to access therapy from the comfort of your yoga pants – and it can be just as effective as in-person sessions!

Moms deserve to be able to go to therapy. When a mom is cared for and is mentally strong, the entire family benefits and can thrive. Being a mom or expectant mom is hard. It often takes a long time before we will admit to ourselves that we are struggling and could benefit from seeking help. And once we do, there’s often a million things standing in the way of actually making it to the therapy appointment including childcare, sick kids, naptimes, breastfeeding, and let’s not even get to the mom-guilt of actually taking time for ourselves.

With online therapy, it is easier and more convenient than ever to get the support that you deserve.

Research has confirmed that online therapy, or telehealth, is just as effective as in-person sessions. Online therapy also isn’t a ‘new’ thing. It has been around for years (decades actually) as a means of helping people conveniently get access to therapy. The last few years have certainly made online therapy even more important, but even as things continue to change, online therapy is here to stay and isn’t going anywhere.

My therapy practice is exclusively online – always has been, always will – and there are quite a few advantages to online therapy for the clients I serve. Perhaps these resonate with you too.

5 Benefits of Online Therapy

  1. It’s Faster.
    We’ve already talked about how online therapy is just as effective as in-person sessions, but did you know it could be faster too? In some cases online therapy has contributed to clients making progress faster since online communication adds a layer of increased anonymity and reduces some common anxieties people in therapy can experience. Trust is essential to the success of therapy and the comfort of being behind a screen while in the comfort and safety of your own home can help people open up and be more honest about the personal issues impacting their lives.
  2. It works for moms & their schedules.
    For many moms doing online therapy, it’s much easier to arrange for childcare in the comfort of their home for the duration of the therapy session than it is to get the baby out of the house and coordinate childcare for the entire time it would take to get o the office and back. For moms with anxiety, it can also create peace of mind to know that the baby is in the next room and their milk supply is close by should you need to feed during session. We have a lot of guilt about taking time for ourselves and worry about being away from the baby. Online therapy can help reduce some of those stressors by shortening our time away and being available should we actually be needed. And yes, we’ll work on strategies to help reduce some of the mom anxieties, feel more comfortable with taking time for ourselves and enhance our support systems as part of therapy too.
  3. Time Saver.
    The days of rushing out the door and anxiously watching the clock as you sit in traffic are so 2019. Online mental health counseling allows you to find a quiet spot in your house 5 minutes before the start of your session and get logged in to therapy with ease. Once we’re done, close your laptop and walk back into the living room to join the family. Now you’re 50 minute session is truly only 50 minutes without adding in the long commute back and forth which means more time for you. Moms face enough stressors – the logistics of getting to therapy shouldn’t be one of them.
  4. More Options and Flexibility
    Online therapy means that clients throughout the state of Texas and Florida can see me for online sessions. Instead of limiting therapy for moms in Southlake, Texas I can now see moms that live anywhere throughout the state. You also have flexibility to schedule sessions on your schedule and can continue therapy during pregnancy if you’re on bedrest or having morning all-day sickness. Online therapy for new moms means you don’t have to venture out for therapy while still recovering from birth, adjusting to rocking that momma diaper and caring for any healing scars.
  5. It really works.
    I said it before but it’s worth saying again. Online therapy really works, especially when you work with someone who truly gets it. As a fellow mom and stepmom who has also navigated her own postpartum depression and periods of anxiety, I get it. I will never truly know what it is like to walk in your shoes because your experience is uniquely yours, but I can empathize, relate and know how to support you based on my personal experiences and many years of professional training as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) specializing in working with moms, moms-to-be, and growing families.

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