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Therapy for Moms

Saying you’re overwhelmed feels like an understatement these days. You feel resentful of your partner, miss the woman you used to be, and feel guilty for all of it. If you are convinced that motherhood shouldn’t have to be this hard, you are right.

In our therapy sessions together, we’ll work towards:
*Reducing your stress
* Managing fear and anxiety
* Coping with guilt as a working mom
* Navigating burnout, anger, and resentments as a mom

Coaching for Moms

As a mom, you’re the glue who holds everything together…and it’s exhausting. Moms often prioritize others and set aside our own goals.
Coaching is not therapy and is great for moms who are ready to tackle goals.

Through our coaching sessions together, we’ll work on:
* Growing your confidence
* Establishing healthy boundaries
* Redefining your identity as an individual, not just a mom

Therapy for Pregnancy

Everyone tells you how much you should cherish this time, but the secret you may not have admitted to others (and sometimes even to yourself) is that this is hard, and you’re not really enjoying pregnancy.

In our therapy sessions together, we’ll work towards:
* Addressing fears, worries and anxieties
* Managing depression
* Coping with sadness about not having the pregnancy you’d hoped for


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