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Coaching for Moms

1:1 coaching sessions available to moms living across the U.S. and internationally

Your days likely revolve around your baby and their needs. Sometimes it can feel like your entire life has become all about baby – what you eat, the new clothes you wear to fit your changing body, your sleep schedule (or lack thereof), and how you spend your time.

Many new moms feel ashamed to admit that they miss their old life, the woman they used to be, the independence and freedom they had.

You love your baby, but you may not be loving motherhood right now. 

It’s ok. You’re not alone.

Coaching services are provided by Moms Playbook Coaching.

mom and baby with balloons

Your baby didn’t come with a manual and motherhood didn’t either, yet other moms seem to have it so figured out and make motherhood look effortless. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in a comparison trap which only results in further self-doubt and guilt that you’re not doing this right. That is exhausting.

Are you ready to let go of that pressure and feeling of not being good enough?

Through our coaching sessions we’ll help you redefine who you are as an individual, as a woman, and as a mom.  We’ll talk about how to engage in self-compassion and free yourself from the mom guilt and fear of letting yourself and your baby down.

Coaching is all about helping you work towards goals that give you the life you want and help you find the joy you deserve. 

You had goals, dreams, and aspirations before baby. Maybe you wonder what happened to those since they feel so far away and unattainable right now.  Together we can work on reconnecting with your goals and create tangible and practical steps to help you work towards accomplishing them.

Some common goals my coaching clients have:

  • Feel like myself again
  • Be able to have “me” time and enjoy it without feeling guilty
  • Find balance between work and family
  • Improve my relationship with my partner
  • Build confidence
  • Be more present with my kids
  • Manage my schedule and my time with a growing family or blended family

The pressures we face as moms can feel heavy and motherhood can often feel quite lonely and isolating.  People have told you that “it takes a village to raise a baby” yet here you are alone, again, and that ‘village’ is either non-existent for you or isn’t giving you support in the way that you need. 

As a fellow mom, I get it. And as a mental health coach, I see you and I’m here for you. I’m here to provide a safe space to share the things you carry in your heart and haven’t been able to say out loud. I see you, the real you, both in and outside of motherhood and I’m here to help you be the woman you want to be while creating a life that brings you fulfillment.

If you’re ready to find support in a way that’s actually helpful for you, let’s talk! Book a free 15-minute consultation.  We’ll talk about who you are, your goals for motherhood and life, and identify ways in which coaching can help give you that support you’ve been longing for.

What can you expect to get from coaching?

When you decide to invest in yourself (because yes, you are worth it), you not only get a trained professional who will help you develop the strategies to create meaningful change, but you’ll also get a partner who will help you stay accountable, celebrate your wins alongside you, and provide that safe place to confide in during the really challenging moments.

Through coaching you will gain:

  • Confidence in your abilities as a mother, increased energy, and trust in your ability to make decisions that serve you and your family
  • A detailed plan for prioritizing yourself, your time, and your goals that is sustainable
  • Tools for improving your relationship with your partner so you can function more like equals, rather than roommates
  • A partner who provides accountability, clarity, a new perspective, and support as you take the lead in crafting the type of life you’ve been waiting for.

Coaching services are provided by Annia through Moms Playbook Coaching.


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